Lies, Lies & More Lies

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    In the End, The Trust Always Wins
    By Roland S. Martin
    March 25, 2005

    It is clear that when faced with a difficult situation, far too many of us are quick to try and lie ourselves out of it. Maybe our newspapers, websites and TV newscasts should have a daily section titled "Lies, Lies, Lies."

    Weapon of mass destruction in Iraq? Lie.

    Halliburton not ripping off taxpayers? Lie (Read the April Vanity Fair).

    Republicans really caring about states' rights? Lie (See Terri Schiavo case).

    Democrats caring about issues of faith? Lie.

    Innocent people not being routinely convicted? Lie.

    Enron and MCI being sound, financial companies? Lie.

    Women being paid on par as men? Lie.

    Rap music being all bad? Lie.

    Racism being a thing of the past? Lie.

    Sports stadiums being economic drivers to cities? Definitely a lie.

    For full article Click on Opinion/Columns, then Roland S. Martin (will be near the bottom of the list)

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