Let's Forget That The Clintons Built Databases for POLITICAL Purposes

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    The Database Double Standard
    by L. Brent Bozell III, Media Research Center
    May 16, 2006

    Here is the most insincere question a liberal TV news star can ask: How can President Bush turn around his poll numbers? Imagine how they would have reacted if Rush Limbaugh had pretended to worry how Bill Clinton was going to turn around his fortunes. The media’s crocodile tears are not even laughable, just nauseating. Pushing down the president’s approval rating seems to be their daily task.

    The newest manufactured brouhaha – over the National Security Agency creating a database of phone records to track terrorist phone patterns -- was just the latest in a long string of stories trumped up to make Bush look not just incorrect, but dictatorial, even evil. USA Today hyped the story, and the media pack lapped it up, but it failed the first test of newsworthiness: is it new? No. USA Today’s scoop was mostly a retelling of what the New York Times reported last Christmas Eve, that the phone companies had given the NSA “access to streams of international and domestic communications.”

    If this wasn’t merely a partisan media ploy to pound Bush’s reputation into a finer powder, wouldn’t the networks hype a story whenever it felt a White House was intruding on the personal privacy of Americans? Yes, but we do not have an equal-opportunity media when it comes to scandal creation.

    full article: http://www.mrc.org/BozellColumns/newscolumn/2006/Col20060516.asp

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