Legalization will not change the status quo.

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    Perry believe if we secure the border legalize and educate children of illegal aliens we will create a tax paying group that contribute to the economy. Educating those who are here by no fault of their own are our own children who cannot afford college because their parents are one of the 14 million unemployed Americans or Government has made it harder for them to go to college. Where are those jobs for educated children of illegal aliens coming from and for our own? The 8 million that are illegally in the work force are paying billion in taxes already and it has not saved our economy. Legalization and educating them will cost our more than going after business that hire illegal aliens and self deportation. If I hear the same old rhetoric that “we cannot round up 20 million people, put them on planes, trains and donkeys and deport them” I am going to throw up. No one is even remotely suggesting that. We can import those that are already educated and fill those positions that are not filled by Americans. There is no guarantee that legalization and educating is going to create a tax paying workforce that balance “give and take.”

    We have 1.6 million homeless children. Over 50% of Americans live under the poverty level. We have 14 million unemployed Americans and Perry and side kicks are talking about how inhumane it is to deport 20 million people that take jobs, lower wages and drain the social system and compete with our own for the American dream. Charity begins at home and right now we do not have enough charity to go around.

    Whatever illegal aliens are costing us now in a drop in the bucket to what legalization with chain migration will cost us. Legalization with chain migration will import and create more poverty and will be our “Achilles heel.” A bag of worms we cannot fish with.

    Running Texas in no comparison to running the country and dealing with the world. Case on point. George Bush. “Tough love” I how we need to deal with illegal immigration. The end results of legalization is not recognized by pro-legalization advocates. They are not watching the end of the movie. There is not superman that saves the world.

    Perry say majority of Texans want some form of legalization. Of course they do because the majority of Texans have at least one family member who is illegal. You do not go to San Antonio and Houston to talk to main stream America about illegal immigration.
    Perry is a George Bush “clone.” An old movie played over.

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