Learn something new everyday, Hailey comet 12 B.C.

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    Kind of cool if you seen Hailey comet in 1986 you would of seen what Joesph
    and Mary seen in 12 B.C.

    Halley's Comet

    In 12 BC it was followed by Chinese astrologers for 56 days (26 August - 20 October) through the constellations of Gemini to Scorpio. An imperial edict following its appearance read, "Lately, reproaches in the form of solar eclipses and meteors have been in the sky. These great strange signs were repeated and yet those in official positions remained silent; rarely has there been loyal advice. Now a bushy star has been seen in Tung-chin. We are very dismayed. The ministers, grandees, doctors and advisors are each to think solemnly as to the meaning of these changes and compare them clearly with the Classical texts: nothing is to be concealed..." The earliest known mention of the comet in Europe occurs in Dion Cassius’s account of a number of portents preceding the death of Agrippa, in his Roman History: "The star called comet hung for several days over the city and was finally dissolved in flashes resembling torches."
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    You think the Star of Bethlehem was Hailey's Comet? Surely astrologers would not think it special since it reappears every 76 years. I think it was something unique, perhaps the explosion of a super nova star.

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