Moon occult Venus in Aries 19 April 1993: The astrology of the Waco fire!

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    On April 19th 1993 the Moon was going to occult Venus… from the perspective at Waco the Moon would move in front of Venus for about an hour, from a little before 12:08 on the East Coast, 11:08 am local time. We construct a horoscope for 16:08 UT the commencement of the occultation on 19 April 1993.

    , infrared video indicates first fire on second floor, east front, infrared video indicates first fire on second floor, east front a heat signature is observed in the southeast corner tower window, second floor.

    12:07:42, fire is now visible from the window of the second story tower.

    The first thing we see on the astrological chart, is that the conjunction that is about to produce the occultation is underway in the tenth house of public affairs, and way out in the open activities, in Aries a fire sign, where Venus is tolerated only.

    Considered too limp wrested and lacking in machismo by traditional Martial tenants here, see David Koresh pleading for a fair hearing, similarly at the same time the victim of machismo attacks, where the would be machos sensing victory against one who urges constraint, see J preaching to the masses re tolerance and forbearance, then witness him nailed hand and foot.

    The fact that a chart erected for the same place Feb 28, shows Neptune signaling forethought and treachery, and Uranus meaning suddenness and the right of surprise, in a similarly close conjunction in the same tenth house when the drama commenced, witness the ATF at the doorway disturbing a traditional Christian household at 9:30 am on Sunday morning.

    12:08:11 large fire already developed on dining room wall.


    By now the occultation is proceeding, and the fiery Moon seen as the tanks who will conquer Venus and have their way, the undamaged portion of Mount Carmel is represented by the part of Venus yet visible at the limb of the Moon.

    12:08:18, fire detected first floor dining room.

    12:09:31, fire appears in the front windows of the southeast tower.

    12:11, fire is rapidly engulfing entire building.

    Now nothing is left as the inferno destroys the building which has become a pyre for the dead. Venus has disappeared behind the Moon, nothing can be done except watch the building burn.

    , fire in gymnasium.

    12:25, four story tower collapses. News videos show tank smashing into front of building as it burns,

    12:27 Huge fire ball explodes near concrete room,

    Mars in Cancer in the first house is strong for being angular, though less so for being in that sign, it is however in mutual reception with the Moon, and disposits it and the rest of the active stellium in Aries in the tenth house, as well as the Sun in Aries in the ninth house.

    Says someone who is a wimp by nature, Mars in Cancer, gets to be in charge… study the Pluto figure lurking in the fifth house in Scorpio, and deduce that this figure could be exerting a Svengali like influence on the rest of the chart, see the Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn then see Saturn strong in Aquarius observing, indicating another force privy to events.

    The Mercury placement in Aries is the tent city of news hounds camped at the entrance to Mount Carmel who refused Koresh’s plea that they put his side of the story, then see them as deposited by Mars, and simply amused spectators since there are no planets in either Gemini or Virgo that might give them some oomph.

    12:41, fire fighting efforts begin.

    12: 53, the occultation is over, the feeling of suspension of reality is gone, the Sheriffs Department, and the Fire Department, and the news hounds get it done, whatever it is that they do, the conjunction has progressed into the ninth house of aloofness from the trials of the day.

    An astrologer should study the charts of both events, he or she would observe coincidences, thus some events happening astrologically in fire signs will have a similar resonance on Earth where fire will be an issue, Venus in Aries is seen as an easy victory unfortunately for the aggressors it acts as Mars and they get suited up.

    Study similar charts for similar coincidences, whether they involve planets, or houses or signs or aspects… maybe there is something in it after all.


    The Feb 28 chart, shows Neptune signaling forethought and treachery, and Uranus meaning suddenness and the right of surprise in a similarly close conjunction in the same tenth house when the drama commenced.

    That both planets are in the sign Capricorn brings the planet Saturn into the equation, under the system of houses and signs, some signs and houses are declared right for different planets, due to the inherent nature of both, Saturn rules Capricorn and is very comfortable and well found in Aquarius, it is ambitious and for there to be two planets in its sign gives it a great deal of power, particularly while those planets are in the tenth house.

    On the occultation chart we identified Byron Sage as the Mars in Cancer figure in the first house, he had been chief negotiator on behalf of the Government, thru the system of rulerships discussed above, Mars although not at its best in Cancer is strong for being in the first house the natural house of Aries the first sign ruled by Mars.

    See that the sign on the cusp of the eleventh house, and the sign Taurus intercepted in the eleventh house ruled by Venus in Aries, similarly disposited by Mars, while the sign on the twelfth house Gemini is ruled by Mercury similarly in Aries, and similarly disposited by Mars, the Sun and the Moon both in Aries, gives Mars power over the entire rising quadrant, which the tenth, eleventh and twelfth house group is called.

    Saturn actually has claims by dispositing Neptune the natural ruler of Pisces the sign on the cusp, and by its being the natural ruler of the tenth house corresponding to Capricorn the tenth sign, here too Jupiter is co ruler with Neptune of the sign Pisces, see the legal rights of the Davidians relegated to nothing.

    Jupiter is powerless in Libra with Virgo on the cusp, while Venus and Mercury the planetary rulers of both those signs, are disposited by Mars in the tenth house Aries group, despite its legal status, the Moon the natural ruler of the sign Cancer and the fourth house, is similarly tied in with Mars via the fact of mutual reception, thus the Moon is in Aries ruled by Mars, Mars is in Cancer ruled by the Moon, does not leave Jupiter with much at all, which is what David Koresh and his family and friends were left with.

    Do not at any time under estimate the power of Saturn, the Martian impetus that got the whole show on the road was all on the terms of that planet, that means the tanks, the FBI, the ATF the lot, because all Mars’s dignities are accidental while it is in Cancer, as soon as it moves away from the first house it is back to the farm, because it has very little essential dignity in Cancer, not so Saturn in Aquarius with two long term reliable dispositors in Capricorn.

    Pluto is the dark horse, the black Shogun if you will, in the sign Scorpio it is at the zenith of its power and will disposit any planet in the chart via even the most flimsy connections, and tenuous relationships, identify these characters in your charts, then explore their strengths and weaknesses and see what deals are done and where proxies appear, and under whose tutelage their deeds are done, that is what astrology does… it is communication from the stars.

    See Koresh as Venus up front defending beaten by the tanks, the same way Venus’s light was blocked by the Moon, and as a householder Jupiter is powerless in the fourth, meaning he is at home and all his rights are dispersed among the various house rulers, and deal doers from either camp who put their heads together, and thought up a scheme to destroy him.

    Cancer is on the cusp means the hour belonged to the tanks, in the chart the Moon crashed its course upward and across space to block Venus light, then on the Earth below in the shadow of the reflected light of that planet, so did the tanks crash, and crush and burn, and extinguish the light of Mount Carmel, David Koresh and the Branch of David.


    Personify these planets and give them identities that respond to the characters on the day, no less here than at any other time and in any other event chart.

    Here there is an occultation underway in space, while there is a highly controversial quasi policing operation that resembles it in every way, proceeding on the ground directly below, which had already cost at least ten lives before that day, survivors who were present on 28 February, when the first shots were fired, said there was a very brief knock at the door and before anyone could go and see who it was, the ATF had broken the door down and had entered shooting.

    Fire had been returned in the hallway of the house, resulting in the deaths of ATF agents, two more were shot on the roof, others were wounded, David Koresh wanted to go to court in a normal way and explain what happened, how it happened and who did what, but at no time since the first attack had that right been afforded him.

    That is seen as Mars having all the bases loaded, the house, sign and traditional ruler all in the thrall of Mars, for Jupiter representing Mount Carmel and all its occupants, there are no planets in either Pisces or particularly Sagittarius, Jupiter’s signs, which could if they were there act for him, so without any support the Mount Carmel community is abandoned.

    The Texas flag flew high over Mount Carmel, the ground where the fire took place was under the jurisdiction of Texas law, see the Saturn group with Saturn strong in Aquarius in mutual reception with Uranus, since Uranus rules that sign, as Texas State and Charter.

    By dispositing Neptune in Capricorn, Saturn controls Pisces, which is the sign on the cusp of the tenth, makes Mount Carmel Texas ground, Saturn as Texas law remained aloof in the ninth house until well after the drama had culminated, when the Moon Venus alignment went into the ninth house.

    So Mars and the Aries group means the Feds, Saturn and the Capricorn group means Texans, Venus is David K, and Jupiter is Mount Carmel… Astrologers are faced with the challenge of identifying the Pluto in Scorpio figure in the fifth house, neither of the parties so far described fits the profile, so who??

    Mercury is the press contingent camped outside Mount Carmel since 28 February, here the inherent treachery of the press demonstrates the changeable nature of the planet Mercury in astrology.

    It was always up to them what went out as news, and the official story was that Koresh must surrender and face felony charges, no deals no nuthin’. Yet the truth was never gonna get told if it was going to be like that, which is why Koresh refused to surrender.


    He was a native Texas citizen asserting his right to return fire from armed intruders, who had fired first without ever trying to identify themselves, he had pleaded for a fair hearing, and for the reporters to make the public aware of what had happened.

    The press corps gave him to understand they were there to witness the government take out armed felons, see Texe Marrs at the front of a group of about twenty chant in unison, “…we are the press,” in response to his plea, the lot of them had joined in the fun, Mercury in Aries on the terms of Mars is like that.

    The fact that Virgo is on the cusp of the fourth house, ruled by Mercury in the Aries group, could mean that just as Mercury went over to Mars, see the press contingent abandoning any semblance of legitimate news gathering and information dissemination in favor of watching the show, so did the lawful safeguards a citizen has, which he most often takes for granted get spurned.

    Posse Comitatus, whereby the US Military was forbidden to be deployed on the mainland against US citizens, was thrown out the window, this Mercury placement could be an indicator of that.

    The assault was beaten off, no longer did the conjunction have enough momentum, all the lead ups and the preparations were done while the system was rising thru the twelfth and eleventh house up until past the dawn of day, the attack began too late and they lost six men killed.

    Maybe the Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra square from the third house to the sixth, provided a bit of ballast in the gut of the Mount Carmelites, here Mars is an ally, the invasion plan was a Saturn event carried out by its stooges, the Neptune Uranus in Capricorn conjunction on the MC, the momentum of the hour in this chart lies with Venus in Aries, since it is ruler of the Taurus ascendant.

    It is a very brave placement, because it is in Aries look to the condition of Mars and see it in Cancer in the third, thus look to the Moon and see it angular, thence strong in Taurus in the first, Jupiter in Libra in the sixth, disposited by Venus in the twelfth, adds spice to the pie, so with four planets in each others houses, plus T square and opposition aspects, we call that a complex.

    A planet in another planet’s sign strengthens the traditional owner wherever it may be, there is a trade off in the Venus / Jupiter thing here, because Jupiter is joint, with Neptune, traditional owner of the twelfth house, corresponding to Pisces the twelfth sign in the astrological zodiac, while Venus is similarly well found in Pisces and rules Libra.

    The Venus Jupiter axis effectively splits the players into two groups, those on or below the Venus Jupiter line are the good guys, like the wives and kids, the ones above it, more visible because the stars that they represent, and that represent them are above the horizon, are the bad guys.

    The first round of the battle went to David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, the survivors on both sides would regroup while Koresh called for moderation, truth and a fair hearing, the bad guys went away and got tanks.

    The Mercury figure in the tenth house in Aries is treacherous journalism on the one hand, however like the multi function capabilities of computer keys, each planet does more than one thing in astrology.

    See the Mercury in Aries in the tenth house figure as George Roden,


    Whose parents had been part of a breakaway group called The Branch Davidian Seventh Day Adventists, who had established the home and church on the property ten miles south of Waco, he had coveted David Koresh nee Vernon Howell’s elevation to the leadership of the group, which he thought should have gone to him.

    The inherent smugness of that placement, is the press corps setting up a chant in response to Koresh’s plea that they publish his cause, evokes images of George Roden’s perceived reaction in his prison cell, on hearing the news on the day of the fire.

    Astromaster:The Horoscope is a planetary map that shows the planets as they would appear were the sky to rotate around the Earth, the horizontal line on the chart defining the cusp of the first and the seventh houses, represents the geographical horizon, on the February 28 chart, were you standing at Waco looking South, Venus would be just under twenty two degrees above the Eastern horizon to your left.

    The Sun would be similarly half way between the Eastern Horizon and the highest point in the sky, from where it will culminate in astrological terms, and pass into the ninth house where it begins its downward journey, like a Texas cowboy toward sunset on the Western horizon to the right, charted by astrologers as the cusp of the seventh house.

    In this case as Venus is in Aries, and Jupiter is in Libra a little over four and a half degrees from opposition, the VJ line nearly bisects the chart.

    Judge: What physical significance has the apparent position of a planet, against an arbitrarily defined boundary of a visual grouping of unrelated stars.

    Astromaster: The only thing to put it down to is intelligent communication from outer space.

    Judge: The constellations have been changing positions with respect to the equinoxes.

    Astromaster: Precession is well known to astrology, the Equinoctial Zodiac and the Astrological Zodiac are currently separated by some twenty six degrees.

    Judge: Why mention Pluto but not Titan.

    Astromaster: Pluto is now known to be a multiple system with at least four, possibly five members, Titan is part of the Saturn system, if you can detect a Titanic influence observed from studying an ephemeris of that object’s apparitions and dispositions, my advice would be to publish your findings.

    Judge: Why not the asteroids …why not Kuiper Belt objects.

    Astromaster: There were thirty two thousand asteroids at last count, that is how many reasons there are to leave them off of astro charts, they cause clutter, Kuiper belt objects as for them.

    Judge: Should we consider your posts to be anything other than pseudo scientific gibberish.

    Astromaster: Sure, why not.

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