Lamest phish fraud evah

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Baruch Menachem, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Whats the point to this? I got an email, ostensibly from yahoo asking for verification information. Why would anyone want to phish for a throw away email?

    I have several email accounts, quite a few throw aways, which are always yahoo accounts, except for one that I use to create my yahoo accounts. this Phis email was not sent there... it was sent to an account Yahoo wouldn't know about.

    In all my years at big bank, I never got a phish email directed at my accounts there. It was all the other banks in the universe it seemed, but not big bank, where I did all my banking. I even got a phish for banks in Hiroshima and Rio. I made a point of forwarding the phish to the other banks and the secret service.

    Anyway, today there are phish emails for yahoo, as asinine as that sounds.

    If tempted,... delete.

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