Korea pop princesses Girl's Generation

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    [ame=http://youtu.be/Kua9UWedabk]Kpop Girl group Girl's Generation ( SNSD ) in David letterman ( USA show ) " The boys " - YouTube[/ame]

    British newspaper The Guardian recently published a feature on Girl's Generation and predicted that the Korea pop princesses will follow in Psy's steps as the next K-pop act to hit it big in the international market. It seems certain that Girl's Generation, a nine-member Korean girl group who had racked up millions of sales throughout East Asia long before Psy made air horse-riding socially acceptable, are poised to release their first album recorded entirely in English. Tentatively due for release next year by Lady Gaga's label, Interscope, the album will mark the group's first serious effort to court English-speaking music fans. Not only are they good singers and performers, they all look stunning. I hope Girl's Generation's international activities become a success.

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