Kim receives message from Putin

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    In my search for more infor about the mysterious mushroom, I came across ths article at the DPRK state paper web site. I not completely familiar with Russia/N. Korea relations, but it Turns out Putin seems to like Kim.

    Kim Jong Il Receives Message from Putin
    Pyongyang, September 9 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il received a message of greetings from V.V. Putin, president of Russia, on Sept. 4 on the occasion of the 56th founding anniversary of the DPRK. The message says:
    I extend heartfelt congratulations to you on the occasion of the 56th anniversary of the DPRK.
    September 9, 1948, was a significant day when the DPRK, a new sovereign state, appeared on the world map.
    Up to date since its foundation, the tradition of friendship and mutual respect and confidence as well as the border has linked our two countries.
    Russia supports the constructive efforts of your country to achieve its stability and prosperity, raise its international prestige and achieve reconciliation between the north and the south of Korea.
    I believe that the Russia-Korea relations would continue to grow strong for the well-being of the two peoples based on the solid foundation of the treaty on friendship, neighborliness and cooperation.
    I wish you good health and success in your responsible state activities and the friendly DPRK people peace and prosperity.

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