Key Step in Reforming US Educational System

Discussion in 'Education' started by CrusaderFrank, Jan 26, 2011.

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    In addition to dismantling the US Department of Education, which has centrally planned (aka: Sabotaged) our educational system, we need to fire the UFT.

    Thank God there are true educators who will stand and fight the devastation and destruction cause by the UFT

    Here is the competitive alternative and what the Liberals fear.

    "A powerful group of teachers more concerned with kids' futures than with the fine print of their labor contract is making leaders of their union very nervous.

    The nonprofit Educators 4 Excellence -- which just doubled is membership to some 1,300 after landing a $160,000 grant from the influential Gates Foundation -- has become such a force that UFT President Michael Mulgrew was spurred to meet its members last night.

    The group favors several proposed changes that have made labor leaders gag, including:

    * Awarding merit pay to individual teachers, rather than all teachers in schools that improved their performance...."

    Read more: Growing faction within the UFT opposes its policies -
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    My son's high school math teacher lost his job (fired) because he refused to lower his standards. He had a high failure rate, not because he was a poor teacher, but because a large group of students felt they didn't have to do any work. When the union showed his gradebook with all the zeros for missing assignments and that his failing students were failing other classes as well, the school was ordered to bring him back. But the message is that the administrators are willing to remove good teachers in order to get the numbers right. Who would protect these teachers in the absence of unions?

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