Just the Facts: 45% Oppose OWS ..up from 36%

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    Democrat Pollster..
    recent data from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP) firm indicates that voters are less fond of the Occupy movement today
    compared to last month.

    Among Independents,
    whose supportive/ non-supportive numbers most notably have gone from 39% support -34% [opposition]
    to 34% support to -42% opposition,
    ---opposition has increased by approximately 13 percentage points.

    Currently, 52% of Democrats support the movement’s goals.
    At the same time, opposition has also risen within this group
    from 16% to 24%.

    When specifically asked which movement they have a higher opinion of, voters sided with the Tea Party by 43% to 37%. That’s a reversal of the 40%-37% edge that the Occupy Movement previously held over the Tea Party.

    Public Policy Polling: Support for #OWS drops | IVN – Independent Voter Network

    In summary OWS is continuing to decline in support and increase in opposition!

    So for those OWS supporters on this forum.. what does this say about your position vis-a-vis continued support?

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