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    This woman is unreal. She's got a really amazing story too.

    Ms Gibson's unusual career path stems from her own experience as a crime victim - aged 21, she was viciously assaulted to the point that she nearly died.

    After a career as a street artist and part-time Playboy model, she moved to Houston and volunteered her services to the police because, in her own words, 'I know what it's like to want justice.

    And here's part of the article and the pictures.

    Picture perfect: The amazing police artist whose extraordinarily accurate sketches of criminals have solved more than 1,000 crimes

    People rarely give much thought to the importance of a good police sketch - it is seen as a routine part of a criminal investigation.

    But in fact it is a highly skilled art - and Houston's Lois Gibson is arguably its foremost practitioner.

    Ms Gibson hold the Guinness World Record for being the world's most successful sketch artist, having helped to solve well over 1,000 crimes over her 30-year career.

    As these images show, many of her pastel paintings are remarkably accurate depictions of the criminals who were caught as a result of the sketches.

    Read more: Picture perfect: The amazing police artist whose sketches of criminals she's never seen look EXACTLY like the real suspects | Mail Online

    Here's some of the sketches and the criminals so you can see how bang on she's drawn them.


    Eerie: This sketch of Dana Wilson, accused of kidnapping a newborn baby in 1995, is a close match


    Close fit: This sketch helped convict Brenda Lee Blake of robbery in 1993


    Exact: This likeness of Charles Raiford was so good that he turned himself in after it was released in 1990


    Nowhere to hide: A chance encounter with Naim Rodriguez gave a witness enough information to help Ms Gibson craft this lifelike drawing of him

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