Jose Canseco Claims He Did Steroids With George Bush!

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    February 14, 2005

    Canseco claims he did steroids with Bush
    By John Breneman

    Former pro baseball knucklehead Jose Canseco claims in a new book that he shared steroids not only with the slugger Mark McGwire, but also with George W. Bush.

    Canseco goes on to speculate that Bush's subsequent behavior -- including his dishonest and boneheaded leadership in the Iraq war -- may be a result of the phenomenon known as "roid rage."

    Canseco claims that Bush -- whose daddy's friends gave him a cushy baseball job with the Texas Rangers after he lost his shirt in the oil industry -- confided his desire to "get big" and admitted he didn't see it happening in business or politics. Canseco says that when he suggested steroids, Bush grinned and said, "Bring 'em on."

    Bush, who served as a co-owner of the Rangers when Canseco joined the team in 1992, denied any knowledge of steroid use and claimed he has no recollection of the psychologically deranged he-man ever poking him in the ass with a needle.

    Canseco -- who also claims to have injected Barbara Bush, Rush Limbaugh and Arnold Schwarzenegger -- is unrepentant about his own steroid use, saying that without the drug he might never have become the only man in baseball history to have a fly ball bounce off his head and into the stands for a home run.


    First Lady Laura Bush said the fact that her husband is "ripped" does not prove he did steroids with Jose Canseco.


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