Japan and the US WW2

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    It seems Dr Grump has not a clue what Japan did and did not need and was getting from China. Nor about the Southern Resource Area, nor about the Oil and metal Japan needed to sustain their military industry bought from the US.

    Although he knew enough to claim the US forced Japan into the Pacific War.

    A short lesson.

    Japan needed oil and metal from the US. She was buying oil , scrap metal and Iron from the US in bulk. She needed it for her war industry and for her regular none war industry as well.

    She had accumulated about 6 to 8 months of oil stockpile and was working on increasing that. She had detailed elaborate plans to seize the Southern Resource Area from Britain and the Netherlands. The fact the US had the Philippines was a major thorn in the side though and meant they had to include the US in any war.

    When Japan resumed a hot war with China in 1941 the US cut oil and metal shipments as a means to try and force Japan into stopping the war. This lead to rising tension between the US and Japan.

    Japan went ahead with the plans to seize the SRA and included the Philippines, Guam, Wake and an air attack on the MAIN US Pacific Fleet at Hawaii.

    The original plan did not include Midway or Guadalcanal. The basic plan was to smash the US battle fleet at Hawaii and then seize a series of islands in the Central and southern Pacific to build a wall to protect Japan. This was in addition to seizing the SRA.

    The Japanese were wildly successful in the early battles and added Midway and the Solomons to their plans. The SRA gave them the oil and the raw resources ( well except large amounts of iron) they needed for their industries. The Japanese got over zealous with the easy early wins and added India and Midway and the Solomons to the plan. ( and don't forget that great attempt at a feint in Aleutian Islands)

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