Debate Now I've been doing a great deal of viewing of non-fiction Russia spy videos

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    Always trying to maintain my knowledge of the subject of espionage and state tactics (being a victim of covert police myself in Ontario). It's quite clear to me that what the left has embraced is precisely what the Russians had planned since the 1970's and which they pushed hard in the 1980's. Maybe this is why Condeleeza Rice told Schiff to his face she hopes the Russian investigation is "wrapped up soon" when she was on The View. I wouldn't be surprised if she sees some of the things I and many others are seeing.

    Without listing the gross far left education youth are getting, ANTIFA rallies, The Resistance and the general push to destabilize and create discourse within America, all supported by the left; there are so many instances economically socially and beyond in which Russian/Chinese ideology is growing in America. The system of globalization has been the means in which Russia, China and others can harm America in so many ways.

    If anyone disagrees, I suggest searching on youtube, I've watched hours of old videos from the 1970's over the last couple of weeks. Some of it is so obvious, and former KGB were mocking and laughing at the ease in which they could influence media.


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