Its Not Fair !!!

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    President Obama is right. There is a lot of unfairness in America. And he is the source of much of it.

    Last time I heard so much talk about fairness -- as in the plaintive "that's not fair" -- was when my children were toddlers. But Obama seems to think that the word will have some spellbinding effect when wielded against the wealthy Mitt Romney.

    Barack Obama has ditched the "hope and change" slogan of his 2008 campaign and is now peddling "fairness" as his mantra. He promises he will make life "fair" for Americans. He launched his strategy when he called up the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt in Kansas back in December. It is redolent, too, of the come from behind victory of Harry Truman who preached a "Fair Deal" for Americans.

    Obama followed it up by trying to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act -- a law supposedly designed to help women sue business for gender-based wage discrimination. Even the Washington Post thought it was deeply flawed, and it was struck down in the Democratic-controlled Senate. But it has played into the "fairness" and "Republican War on Women" campaign talking points.

    Before that there was talk of resurrecting the "Fairness Doctrine" to kill off talk radio.

    Then the Buffett Rule was supposed to ensure the "rich" paid their fair share of taxes and that too was a "fairness fiction" that nevertheless played a supporting role in President Obama's Class War (the only war he supports other than the war against the GOP -- in his mind, a redundancy).

    But does Obama himself pass a "fairness test"?

    Can the Romney campaign use political jujitsu against Barack Obama and remind Americans of just how unfair Barack Obama's presidency has been for so many Americans?

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