Israel and the UN (and an apology)

Discussion in 'Israel and Palestine' started by etoile, Jun 5, 2004.

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    Before I get to the point of this thread, I would like to apologize for a bad post; I did not make my intentions clear, or else everybody who looked at it didn't read it carefully enough. Most likely, it's my own fault.
    For the careful reader, the post had a single aim: pointing out what the world's modern view on Israel is. At the end I denoted that my views are completely opposite. In the beginning I asked you all to read the note at the end (ok, I wrote that in later). Don't hold me at fault. I will try not to post something that seems like a contradiction of what I believe anymore.
    Moving on, I would like to discuss Israel and the UN.
    The UN is singularly anti-Israel. Let's observe.
    Israel was recognized by the UN in 1948. Since then, the UN National Security Council has passed approximately 65 resolutions against Israel. Israel was the only nation ever whose deligates received reduced membership status. No UN resolution was ever even drafted to condemn the suicide bombings. However, 4 committees of the UN are devoted entirely to "investigating" Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.
    The Comission on Human Rights had issued repeated condemnations of Israel but continues to welcome and consider the "honorable" propositions of nations such as Rwanda, Iran, Congo, and Indonesia, all of which have had their own human rights scandals and violations.
    Where's the justice? I wonder.

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