*Islam Took Up Where Nazi's Left Off*

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    Sorry bout that,

    1. Its true, they want to breed the perfect camel jockey, gene shopping, is one way they get the best breed of muslim.
    2. Its mad science, marry their cousins, to breed the perfect male, while their females tend to look camel faced, so how do they fix that, go get a pretty French Jewish girl, knock her up, get the kid, and kill the mother, the genes are in the girl.
    3. Don't need the mother anymore, throw her from a building, she's out lasted her usefulness.
    4. Keep the girl, and marry her off to a cousin, the gene pool has a *pretty gene* now.
    5. Think its impossible?
    6. Read this,......link:French mother in custody battle with Saudi prince falls to her death - Telegraph

    "Police are still investigating what caused the death of Candice Cohen-Ahnine, 35, who fell from her Paris apartment window on Thursday night.

    Investigators reportedly had been leaning towards an accident as cause of death, but by Sunday reports in the French media suggested Ms Cohen-Ahnine had slipped and fallen to her death "as if she was escaping something dangerous".
    "What I can tell you is that it wasn't a suicide,"

    7. Never doubt me.


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