Is there an "Socialist-Islamist" Alliance

Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by amrchaos, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Forgive me, for I have been listening to Hannity for too long.

    Is there an actual Socilist Islamist alliance? It seems that many people on the right tend to suggest this although I doubt that socialist and and any theological group would form an alliance unless it is understood that the theocrats are in charge.

    In any case, I came across this news piece

    UN should frame laws to stop blasphemous acts: PM | The Nation

    Yep--out lawing blasphemy! World wide.

    Now why am I interested? I may be a bit presumptous here, but is not atheism a form of blasphemy to many religions? So is this not a call to outlaw atheist.

    All this time, I was sure that the gays would get outlawed globally before us atheist.

    Oh well, time to start up some radical non-jihad!!:tongue:

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    Nowhere you can follow
    Marxists, rather than socialists. The Soviet Union for decades sought to put it's influence in the middle east, it attacked Israel's right to exist starting when Stalin changed foreign policy when he felt it was advantageous to attack Israel and Judaism.

    Most modern marxists are hypocrites that want to destroy Christianity, Judaism and 'western imperialism' while keeping Islamic theocracy intact. As such they have no qualms supporting Hamas, Fatah and Islamic terrorist groups because they are useful allies in the war against the 'evil western imperialists and Zionists'.

    Socialists on the other hand as a group take a less authoritarian line and do not seek to destroy Judaism, rather they change terminology and refer to Israel as an 'evil Zionist state' and push out terms like 'apartheid' and make themselves believe they are fighting for human rights.

    In both groups there are divisions of course, take Christopher Hitchens who as a Marxist condemned his fellow Marxists for supporting Islamic theocracy, focusing all their attention on the 'evils of western civilization and Christianity '; rather than condemning all types of theocracy and fighting for a more secular Israel and more secular Middle East.
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