Is Ron Paul relevent...?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Avorysuds, Apr 5, 2012.

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    Clips from Ron Paul speech at UCLA - YouTube!

    I keep seeing the desperate right downplay Ron Paul's draw, almost every day a new moronic thread trying to claim Paul's support only exists on the Internet or is fringe at best. I watch people vote for candidates who don't even know but a fraction of their positions only to later admit they now hate that candidate.

    Paul has almost no Media backing nor backing from the GOP, think about how well Newt would have done if Fox/CC/MSNBC simply didn’t invite him to debates… Imagine ANY candidate with that kind of Media support. Now realize that the only reason Paul is allowed on debates is because when he is not there the networks get spammed and ridiculed. What other candidate can get that out of their base? Try and keep in mind this is the last place guy in the race... people are there knowing he is not going to win.

    The left is really no better, most that hate on Paul push a big spending war hungry President who has repealed nothing of Bush that matters and expanded most of what made Bush the horrible big spending President that he was.

    If Garry Johnson asks Paul to run as his VP the Republican Party might find itself in a world of hurt for many elections to come. If that Third party even pulls 5% in the GE the country might see a huge shift in years to come in that direction, all because the Republicans AND Democrats failed to do what they said they would in 2008/2010 when they won a historic maj0ority, then lost much of it to Republicans.

    Time for you guys (Republicans) to start backing a conservative (I don’t mean Ron Paul) and drop the Progressive liberals like Newt/Santorum and Mitt who's records outshine their Rhetoric or you, the voters might find yourself in a ever shrinking minority party.

    We simply don't care that you hate us or that you hate Ron Paul, his support grows by leaps and bounds while yours is shrinking... That reality makes me feel very good.

    Edit: Yes I saw I spelled *relevant* wrong lol, I saw it just as I hit the post button.
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