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    Nintendo wii

    It has a controller that is simliar to a tv remote which is motion sensor and has blue-tooth bulit into it. also it has wifi bulit into that means if you got a wireless connection you can get online.

    1> opra browser is a browser like fire fox or ie and it uses the wii. You can download it for 5 00 Nintendo points. well Now i believe its free. If you download the Internet channel for 500 points you will get free choice for nes game on the Virtual Console in oct sometime.

    Companies that use VC and gaming systems

    Nes- Nintendo Entertainment system -
    Snes- Super Nintendo Entertaintment system
    N64- Nintendo 64
    Sega Master system
    Sega Genesis
    TurboGrafx-16/ Turbografx-cd
    Neo geo
    Commando 64
    Virtual Console Arcade

    Nes are 500 Nintendo points you can used credit/debit card or go by them at local gaming store for $19.00 you get 2000 points on each card.
    Nes 500 = $5.00 dolloars in else otherwised noted same goes for the rest the younger consoles cost more with older costing else.
    You also get wiiware and other things like that in wii shop channel with some you got to pay to use online or just bulit for the wii.

    You can also use a mii and vote channel and ask questions you can also put you Mii on your wii remote and bring him to your friend house.
    You can also used gamecube games on the wii but the only problem with this is that you need a Gamecube controller a classic controller will not work and if you want to save Gamecube games on wii you need a Gamecube memory card.
    Another note on vc for some games you need to use a classic controller.
    Nes- you only need the wii remote
    n64- need a classic controller or Gamcube controller
    you can look more online at

    the other thing if you got a ditgial camrea and sd card you can put in the wii play puzzles with picture or play videos on it.


    you be able to get one of the best online service for a cost is very well made and decent, but you cannot browse online. you also get the console arcade its simliar to the vc you can download for a certin price on it. you can use your msn live accounts and contact other people on im. you can also play some xbox games on it.

    I belive there be a list on for bc. if you go to gamestop something like tht and you see xbox game with BC that means you can play it on xbox360 but you need a harddrive to do it. when cost $100 if you buy the arcade version of 360. There also a camrea thing but i don't know much about that tool.

    the newer verison you cannot play BC games like ps2/ps1 i believe you have to look into that one. But its simliar to the 360 but not as great for online the diffrence is i believe you can browse online like the wii. it has simliar thigns like mii and avatars as 360/wii have

    ps3 you get the cable or wifi for 360 you have to buy wifi for $100

    wii online
    some games on wii can go online you look for a blue logo which it say "wifi eable"
    to play with other people you have to add them to your friends list frieds code.

    which to get this number you got to wii click on picture of elevope and click create a message this is your friends code.
    You can send message back as long as you both are added.
    t so much easier to be able to send message with the 360/ps3

    Ps3 also has something simliar to the vc and acarde on wii not sure what its called. ps3 also has tilit sensor and blu-ray so if you like blu-ray movies you can go rent them and play them on ps3.
    xbox360 can do netflix you need anncount to be able to do and online and some movies can go and watch on tv with 360.

    here is talks with nextflix and Nintendo about netflix on the wii but nothing has happen that i know off.

    not sure much about handhelds as i dont have them anymore.

    though i know if you go to gamestop with a ds not sure abotu dsi i am sure its the same you can try some free games download at gamestop till you trun system off its gone.

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