In Forbes: "The Key Point Is That The Housing Collapse Is Over. . . !"

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    Case-Schiller housing index aside(?), even the reporting article in Forbes shows just how out of touch the RNC/Tea Party really is! In fact, the private sector is doing just fine!

    Is This The Housing Comeback? Case-Shiller Price Index Records April Gain - Forbes

    If the housing maket has stopped collapsing, and so asset values are increasing: Then the "simulus boost" from the private sector is about to get under way. That is not the boost from the government sector--which was fairly-well botched--on behalf of only the public employment unions instead. This is the stimulus from the rest of it finally kicking in. Somehow, this is proof that the $40,000.00 or so, for the roofing job on the outdoor crappers in the meadow near Mammoth Lakes resort, in California: Was all a part of the plan!

    Never have their been such dramatic, public works in America! Actually, so far it seems to take a liberal to point out that it was in fact, an Obama Stimlulus package. There really were the fabled loose shoes, and the arm place to. . . .visit: Right there at Mammoth Lakes, in California(?)! It was so, like, "under construction!"

    So the Oregon contractor got his loot, and the increase of asset values is new wealth, around which loot can happen(?)! Anyone notes that this is America(?)! and one way or another, the money value does get raided! There is even an "i-n-g" component to the "loot!"

    The Party of Abraham Lincoln was actually, opposed to all that: And even from the start. Liberals do have to admit that it is not recorded that Abraham Lincoln knew anything about Loose shoes and a warm place to. . . .visit(?). At real RNC, it took an Agricultural Secretary: To point that out!

    Anyone notices that actually the liberal Democrats ought to be embarassed, and including by the whole frigging thing!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Ivy League White Eyes see many smoke signals, from many warriors! Main conclusion is that Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino new cash crops needed a better agrarian reform plan, after all! Is this economy becoming smokin' hot, or what(?)!)
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