Illegal killed man gets year and half jail time and released to ICE who say he might

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    might be deported.

    Morales out of jail in Immigration custody less than 2 years after guilty plea

    In my opinion:

    Charlotte, North Carolina -- Jovany Morales is an illegal alien from Guatemala he is being held by Immigration Customs and Enforcement, (ICE) for potential deportation back to his homeland.

    In February 2004 Jovany Morales was driving drunk when he drove his car head on into another car killing a young father. Morales was arrested and posted bond then disappeared for the next 6 years and hid from the law enforcement.

    Evidently, Morales didn’t leave the area because when he was arrested in east Charlotte he was threatening, beating and trying to strangle his woman. He was drunk and armed, when the police took him in. Morales claimed to be a U.S. citizen and he was using an alias.

    When the police ran his fingerprints they found out he wasn’t a U.S. citizen. They also found out that he was wanted for the death of a family man, Frank "Buddy" Cline, 30 and was a fugitive from the law for the past 6 years.

    Through a plea deal Morales pled guilty and served a year for the DWI (driving while intoxicated) and served 12 to 16 months for killing Frank Cline with his car. Both were served at the same time. He was released and ICE took him into custody.

    Frank "Buddy" Cline’s wife Angela Cline said. "For the crime, the time does not fit the crime at all.

    “When it is a crime like that, you want people to pay,” Cline’s widow Angela said. “The only person that has paid is me and my kids.”

    “News 14 Carolina first informed Angela Cline of Morales’ arrest
    “For six years, I've waited [for this call],” she said.

    “Angela Cline, Frank Cline's widow, was in court for the hearing and addressed the court. She says seeing Morales for the first time was tough.

    “He's here and Buddy is not,” said Cline as she left the court house. “I don't wish death on anybody, but my husband should be here. If it had not been for him my husband would have been here.””

    Mr. Cline's mother said, “This man should be sitting in a jail where he can't drink he can't drive he can't kill anyone else,” she said. “It was murder.”

    The State Representative Sue Myrick piped in saying, “Every citizen in this country is expected to follow laws."


    Morales out of jail in Immigration custody less than 2 years after guilty plea

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