25 illegals beaten, starved in AZ drop house, horrible conditions, held captive!

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    23 Men, 2 women recued and 6 human smugglers arrested in AZ drop house

    In my opinion:

    Thursday, December 8, 2011

    Avondale, Arizona -- Authorities found 25 illegal aliens in deplorable conditions inside a drop house. There were 23 men and 2 women some were beaten so badly that they had to be taken to the hospital. 6 of the Human Smugglers (Coyotes) were arrested. The cops found guns and only scraps of food.

    In the past when the cops describes a drop house as being in a “horrible condition” it usually means there is no electricity, no running water and no daylight, and no food. There is frost on the ground right now, in AZ. and that drop house must have been terribly cold at night and during the day.

    The illegal aliens in this raid had very little food and were all believed to have been from Mexico. The Coyotes nailed the doors shut with plywood panels. They beat some of them and probably raped the women because that’s what they do, and they feel it’s their privilege. I hate to think of what the condition of those women were, because usually they're gang raped on the trail and may have been beaten.


    Through reading many new paper articles over the years about drop houses. I have discovered that most drop houses are first rented by a nice couple. Then as planned they move out and the human traffickers move in only there is no furniture.

    The smugglers move their human cargo in and out as long as they don’t get caught. Most of the time the next door neighbor doesn’t even know what’s going on until things gets out of hand or there's a raid.

    The drop houses usually all turn into a waste dump of urine, feces, rotting food, stinky clothing, shoes, back packs along with other garbage. Even with the water off the illegal aliens still use the toilets in the drop houses. They use them until it fills up and is over flowing and there is no toilet paper.

    Then they start using the bathtub to relieve themselves in, until that fills up and is over flowing. Then they start using the floor until it’s filled up. That is if their Human smugglers let them leave the room that they are captured in.

    The illegal aliens who are not allowed to leave the room where they’re being held are usually tied up with plastic zip ties and their shoes have been taken away, so they can’t run away. The Coyotes make them sit in one corner of a room and they go to the bathroom in the other corner of the same room and there’s no such thing as privacy or toilet paper.

    Sometimes it takes a hazmat crew to clean up these rented drop houses and there’s usually feces and urine on the walls and floors and it stinks to high heaven from rotting food and human waste mixed with blood. I would venture to say, if the cops took in cadaver dogs, the dogs would hit on multiple rooms for human decomposition. There may even be shallow graves in the backyard or nearby deserts.

    The human smugglers take the illegal aliens money to get them into America and once they’re in the U.S., then they try to extort money from the illegal alien’s relatives for their freedom.

    The women arrive in America without underwear because they get raped on the trail by the smuggler and the other travelers in the pack. Being the Macho types that the illegal aliens are, they like to hang the woman’s underwear on the bushes and low hanging tree limbs like trophies to show off to everyone and mark the spot where the rapes took place.

    There are literally miles of campsite where women’s and children’s underwear are displayed on the brush. I’ve even seen pictures of toddler sized terry training pants hanging on the bushes. It’s truly something to be proud of in their culture and they bring that attitude and culture to America.

    The illegal aliens don’t stop raping when they get to U.S. They continue on by raping the American women and children. There are millions of illegal alien arrested for rape in America and probably got away with a lot more rapes and murders. Rape is in their DNA and culture. It’s only the poor innocent Americans who have no idea about how dangerous the illegal aliens are. The dumb Americans welcome the illegal aliens with open arms, only to end up with their child raped, murdered or missing or become victims themselves.

    Once in America the human smugglers hold the illegal aliens for ransom in the drop houses and then the Coyotes make the illegal aliens call their relatives to ask for money. When, they have their relatives on the phone then the Coyote starts beating the illegal alien so, that the relative can hear his screams of excruciating pain. They may even cut off a toe or a finger that way the illegal alien is sure to scream in agony and sound desperate and convincing to encourage the relative to pay up ASAP or he will be killed.

    Some human smuggler will send a finger or a toe of the illegal alien victim to his relative’s house and demand ransom money. The human smugglers keeps sending body parts until the relative pays up, or the illegal alien dies, whichever comes first. Their favorite tool is the Stanley hand saw.

    The illegal aliens lose all their money that they initially paid to the Coyote for safe passage. Then the Coyote robs them once they get to America. Then the human trafficker holds them for ransom and gets paid again by their relatives to let them go. Is it any wonder the successful human smuggler is driving around in a $60,000+ vehicle?

    The U.S. government has known all along how the human smugglers operate. Up until recent years, whenever they would catch a group of illegal aliens they would let the human smugglers go. The Coyotes would then go back across the border and get more, cash paying illegal aliens who wanted to come to America and do the same thing all over again. With our politicians blessings, the polticians protect the illegal aliens more than they protect the Border Patrol and they don't give a shit about the American people.

    In 2005 there were an estimated 10 million illegal aliens brought into the U.S. in just that one year. Most of the time they get taken to a drop house in the Ca. Az. or TX. Then they’re shook down and sent out to every state in America. Many illegal aliens are found to have contagious diseases that they spread in America and to the American children through the school systems.

    Most illegal aliens pay their human smugglers anywhere from $3,000 - $12,000.00 and up, just to get across the border safely. I read that as much as $60,000.00 was paid by some terrorist’s organizations to cross the border undetected.

    The terrorists are already in America and coming over the Southern border and the government is de-panting senior citizens in wheel chairs at the airport. It’s beyond ludicrous and it is the worst corruption in history that our politicians leave the Southern border open and unsecured.

    Everyone should wonder how and where the illegal aliens come up the 3 to 12 thousand dollars that they pay to the Coyotes to come to America.
    The illegal aliens and their supporters tell us, that they come to America for the jobs and to feed their families. It seems to me that $ 12,000.00 would buy a lot of cornmeal south of the border.

    The pro-illegal alien supporters tell us that, they are (supposedly) starving and working as peasants for pennies in their homeland and want a better life in America. My question is how did they make that kind of cash when they’re so poor and starving and they say they can’t afford to feed themselves? Is it pennies from heaven?

    It’s said that 75% of all illegal aliens in the U.S. have less than a 6th grade education. How do they earn their passage money the legal way? They probably didn’t earn the money the legal way. They probably sold children to the International Pedophile Organizations to get their fare.

    They might have relatives who live in the U.S. who earned their passage money for them, by stealing American children and then smuggled the U.S. kids into Mexico to sell OR they might have sold them right here in the America. OR the illegal aliens might have sold their own children in their countries of origin to the pedophile rings. They probably thought it’s worth it, to get a better life in America. And what the heck they can always have more children, right.

    It’s gotten to the point where the media is finding it hard to hide the terrible stories and crimes that illegal aliens commit. Bit by bit the American public is starting to catch on and they don’t like it.

    Something has to be done and be done soon. It’s boiled down to the point that the only way this illegal alien problem is going to be cured. Is if we Americans put our heads together and stop it. We have to stop these acts of cruelty and heinous crimes on our homeland committed by the illegal aliens.

    We have to contact all of our politicians and scream as loud as we can at them, to close the Southern border and secure it and deport ALL the illegal aliens in America. Let them know their political lives are on the chopping blocks if they ignore us. We’re tired of hearing about senseless crimes committed by the illegal aliens, who shouldn’t be in our country in the first place!

    Enough is Enough! Call or email your politicians, the (800) phone numbers are in my signature. Call today before the illegal aliens take another human life in America.


    Immigrants Rescued from Poor Conditions at Avondale Drop House

    A report shows 75% of illegal aliens have less than a 6th grade education. Over 71% have children. 30% admit of using forged social security cards, and half of them have done so, for more than 5 years.

    Two-thirds of illegal aliens lack a high school degree, the primary reason they create a fiscal deficit is their low education levels and resulting low incomes and tax payments, into their legal status or heavy use of most social services.

    During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the U. S. from the Southern border. Homeland Security Report: A Line in the Sand: Confronting the Threat at the Southwest Border http://www.house.gov/sites/members/tx10_mccaul/pdf/Investigaions-Border-Report.pdf

    America Welcomes Illegal's Contagious Disease.

    The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in the United States.

    The United Nations list Mexico as the number one center for the supply of young children to international pedophile organizations.

    In America an estimated 800,000 children are reported missing each year – more than 2,000 children every day. http://www.missingkids.com/missingkids/servlet/PageServlet?LanguageCountry=en_US&PageId=4362

    Phoenix, Az. has become the kidnapping capital of the United States, because of illegal immigration and human smuggling, according to the head of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association. Human smuggling makes Phoenix kidnapping capital of U.S. - KTAR.com

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    So. Is this something to worry about? No. The only shame of it, is that they were found and released, probably with green cards as a reward.

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