If You Believe In Miracles Or Want To....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NATO AIR, Dec 21, 2004.


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    there's a chance for one this week

    i'm going to put aside my anger, my cynicism and my past experiences and pray for a miracle here this week. i see the bush administration condemning the upsurge in violence in darfur, the british government getting the UN Security Council to meet today to brief members on the violence, and i realize that it is Christmas time, and there is no more promising time for miracles than this holiday period that celebrates the greatest miracle of all

    please, please take 5 minutes of your day and CALL your elected reps and let them know you want to see emergency action on the genocide in Darfur. Your congressmen, your senators, heck call the white house if you feel like it. (I'm doing all three, I've called every single Florida (my resident state) and Ohio (where my parents live, using their address as my POC) senator and represenative I could get ahold of in the past 4 hours.

    Maybe, just maybe, especially if Britain reaches the boiling point with the UN's inaction, something could happen this weekend. Destroyers just 48 hours away from sudan could make their way there and prepare for a blockade. Helicopter and aircraft squadrons in Djibouti, Spain, Italy and Morroco could prepare to patrol the airspace above Darfur as part of a no-fly zone. Anything and more is possible.

    Please give it a shot.

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