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    I can't apologize for feeling hurt. This is America yet they coddle other heritages while setting American traditions aside. Bush was hot and heavy with these illegals from Mexico, coddling Vicinte Fox and New President Caulderon and now Obama ramming DREAM , the new Amnesty, down our throats.

    It's so disheartening.

    Lakewood parade shows off Mexican pride and heritage
    Written by
    Gina Columbus


    LAKEWOOD — It’s a dream many young girls have, to live as a fairytale princess.

    For 6-year-old Adriana Reyes, that dream came true as she was crowned princess of the Mexican Independence Day Parade Saturday.

    Donning a white gown with a tiara atop her black curls, Adriana, of Lakewood, stood in the back of a pickup truck, waving to the crowd, as the truck rolled down Clifton Avenue. The only thing bigger than her smile was the pride she carried for her Mexican and Puerto Rican heritage.

    The parade kicked off at 11:30 a.m at the corner of Clifton Avenue and Seventh Street, and was followed by an afternoon celebration.

    “I really enjoy the community participation,” said Mary Guarin, assistant director of the coalition and assistant principal of Spruce Street School.

    The coalition is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting equality and justice in Lakewood and Ocean County through active participation to empower youth, develop their leadership skills, and allow to become active participants of society.

    Veronica Fiori, executive director of the coalition, explained Mexican children come to America at a young age and struggle with being so far from their homeland.

    “Even though they’re so far away, they can still celebrate here and have the freedom to celebrate their culture and their heritage. I think that’s what creates that motivation we see in them,” Fiori said.

    Lakewood school district officials, students, parents and the Mexican American Coalition of Ocean County marched in the parade, wearing Mexico’s traditional red, white and green colors. As they strolled along Clifton Avenue, they let out chants of “Viva, Mexico!”

    Afterward, about 3,000 people gathered at Lake Carasalijo to listen to Mexican music, dancing, indulge in traditional food and more.

    The crowning of a princess for a day is a Mexican tradition during similar festivities.

    “It’s very cool because I’ve never been a princess before,” said Adriana.

    Guarin, 31, and Fiori, 40, gave speeches to the attendees about the importance of Mexican heritage and pride, and celebrating the country’s independence 200 years ago. Fiori spoke in Spanish, Guarin translated in English. They gave thanks to the American flag.

    Clifton Avenue Grade School children performed both the “Star Spangled Banner” and “Himno Nacional Mexicano,” Mexico’s national anthem.

    “It brought tears to my eyes when they sang that,” said Fiori. “To be able to see them enjoying themselves, and being able to be part of the community this way. We’re really trying to empower them and provide them with leadership skills so they can pursue a higher education.”

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