Identity and Violence

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    I've been reading an amazing book lately. The first three quarters of it I finished in two days - that's how captivating and well-written it is. The author seems to be speaking out of my own heart - putting sentiments and thoughts into an eloquent and well-thought out form. The book is "Identity and Violence" and the author is Dr. Amartya Kumar Sen, a Nobel Prize in Economics winner for 1998 and a professor at Harvard University.

    The book offers a philosophical look at the violence that has riven our society. Professor Sen postulates that the violence is driven as much by confusion as by hatred. He is challenging the reductionist division of people by religion, class, and race and presents a vision of how to move towards peace.

    There are so many passages of this book I'd love to quote that one could just as well quote the entire book; however, I chose to quote this:

    Sorry if that's too long, but it's such an insightful piece.

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