I wish these two planes had gone down in the Atlantic...

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    ... with all aboard being rescued safely. At least that way, Spain would lose the profits of their theft!

    Planes Laden With Shipwreck Treasure Land In Spain | Fox News

    Sunken Treasure: the treasure of the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes lands in Spain | GlobalPost

    Screw Spain and screw their damned Ambassador.

    That salvage belonged to the people of Odyssey Marine Exploration and it was just stolen from them without even a thank you and more importantly re-imbursement for their costs.

    I think that the next half a billion dollars of foreign aid that we would send to Spain should go to the people at Odyssey. This royally sucks.

    But, I wonder if the U.S. Government won't tax Odyssey on the value of their find even though the government participated in this theft.

    Yeah, this pisses me off.


    Some findings on the rights of salvors:

    Marine Salvage Rights | eHow.com

    It seems to me that "the law of finds" as described in this article should have been applied and all rights and privileges to the coins belong to Odyssey.


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