I never understood what it meant, "nation devouring itself"

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    these people graduate from business schools and we ASSUME they become experts at making a business successful, ...which is making an ASS out of U and ME.
    the reality is, if these people graduate from a school that is expensive enough, and they make the right contacts, somebody places them at the head of an already successful business, where they leech millions of dollars as they walk around and act like a big-shot.
    if the company fails then they leave in disgrace with their 50 million dollars, and they never need another job.

    the policy that they follow comes from the top, and the main goal is to equalize America to other nations, because the internationalists don't like the idea of America being the best at everything.

    a long time ago people in our government started passing Socialist policy, and they knew ,damn well, at that time, that a high percentage of people would not turn down free money, and would fake whatever conditions they needed to get the money.


    corporate sexism and pay raises:

    i have been asked 3 times, by an employer, to stay at a job i was leaving.
    the first time was an ATM job and the company offered me $200 more per month.
    i took it as an insult.
    i was there 2 1/2 years and i never received a raise due to modern corporate policy.
    it was an insult because my life could have been slightly better that whole time, but they only offered me more money when i was leaving.

    the other 2 times the companies almost harassed me to stay there but told me any kind of a raise was out of the question,
    due to corporate policy.
    and this is pretty much the standard now.

    any idea people imagine, that companies will pay more for the value of employment, is fictional.
    corporate policy is to pay a predetermined low wage(which is unethical), and any company that doesn't join with the others will work against itself.

    my sister doesn't want to work.
    the uses part-time agencies but the employer almost always brings her on to full time.
    she then quits or purposely gets herself fired because she doesn't want full time.
    current corporate policy says hire women and pay them well, no matter how worthless they might be.
    my sister is becoming an expert in collecting unemployment and disability.

    companies that hire people who aren't the best for the job because of sexism or racism (Affirmative Action) are wasting their money and have less productivity.
    plus, by the companies following along with this racism crap, they damage themselves in other ways...
    in Los angeles we have an increasing number of people, many of them black, who search for reasons to sue.
    the government says "you need to hire more black people"
    instead of taking care of the problem, and companies joining together to tell the government to screw itself, they play along.
    they hire some unqualified black guy, he acts like he's hurt then he pulls a big lawsuit against the company, ...some times "class action"
    who does the company do? lowers wages and builds a fund for frivolous lawsuits

    now, with this out-of-control criminal record, crap, the employer says "it's wise to be honest with us'.
    why should a employee be honest when the company would say any story a customer wants to hear to get their business?
    the company is simply trying to save themselves the 25 bucks of having to run a background check.
    increasingly, the company will not hire any person when they find ANYTHING on their record.
    if some judge puts "Hey! this is Judge Finkleberg giving a shout-out to all my peeps!" on your criminal record, you're not getting hired anywhere.

    what does the person do?
    1) go back into crime
    (that's right folks, crime CREATED by your government)
    2) tries to scrape-by on low paying-no respect job and/or
    3) goes on Socialist services, which becomes a larger program.
    now the company that turned him down for employment pays higher Socialist tax , and the person sits on his ass collecting welfare while the National Debt increases.
    the only place the government can get the money to pay for the money they waste is from a prosperous business.


    there's another corporate rule which says pull a higher profit every year.
    corporations charge their customers more and pay their employees less.
    eventually there comes a time when Joe the Plumber says , "i can make more money doing this myself"
    the corporation that plays along with the loser game is now in small competition with it's own former employee.

    now business joins with government to use it's arsenal.
    1) raised the requirements of the contractor's license, and minimum amount of years.
    ( a contractor may need 5 years while a corporation could get one with 2 years)
    2) make insurance a requirement so the contractor has expenses before he ever starts.
    3) make newspapers charge high amounts for advertising so only people who have money can make money

    as the system of failure continue,s
    i see pure hostility between co-workers, managers and employees, neighbors, and even family members.
    people simply don't want to see young people have any success.
    everyone is wishing everyone else will fail, and they deserve nothing for themselves.

    and now with the health care bill passed there will be millions of people over the next 10 years who will not attempt to go into business for themselves, as fictional health expenses are billed to them.

    less people self employed, corporations paying less , customers spending less, and more people on Socialist programs.

    it all equals bankrupt.
    now with all the problems the Socialists CAUSED our nation, they will say "see? 'capitalism' doesn't work!"

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    Wow. Seek help.

    You do realize that over 90% of jobs and business in America is NOT huge corporations?

    Sour Grapes...you should package it and then sell it to wine producers.
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    Other than your complaints at the beginning and end your post has nothing to do with actual socialism and everything to do with corporate socialism AKA the big business protection racket that no conservative would lift finger to change if their life depended on it. It seems you have discovered the biggest threat to small business lies not in the government but in unfair competition, no wonder you are feeling conflicted.

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