Bull Ring Hypothesized: james bond v. Natty C

Discussion in 'The Bull Ring' started by Natural Citizen, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Let's go! You know what about.


    I'll be in and out during the morning. I'm not gonna spend all my time in this thread, though. I like to read the rest of the board here and there when I'm on here.

    This is pretty much a mirror of your thread. Except now were gonna have to demonstrate how well we're able to formulate logical arguments with regard to that topic since you had the stones to infer I couldn't. I assure you I'll try my best nevertheless.

    As I recall, you want the federal government administering Creation science. Government, though, is force. How's that jive with free will? Hm? How? Of course there's the debate with regard to whether Creation should even be part of scientific methodology itself. Apparently, you think it should? Why?

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