How To Show Love, In A Time Of War

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    How to show love in a time of war​

    Each of us can make a difference in a soldier's life

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    Many of us want to do right by those willing to sacrifice, this spells out how:

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    I'd like to add that Sears has a policy of paying deployed employees the difference between their salaries at Sears and their pay while in the armed services. Makes me want to go out of my way to visit Sears next time I need something.

    Then there is Target Stores who have given the fast shuffle to Dick Forrey, of the Howard County, Indiana Vietnam Veterans organization when he asked for a paltry hundred dollard donation to support the "moving Wall" monument.

    You may have seen an e-mail circulating about this. Apparently much of that e-mail is false. But enough is true to give me reason to avoid spending any money with Target. An objective assessment of the situation can be found here:

    Seems that at a minimum Target is guilty of hiding behind bureaucratic rules in order to avoid supporting the projects of this veteran's group.

    And there's this about Pep Boys:

    "Reservist says company fired him due to military commitments
    By Barbara Hagenbaugh, USA TODAY

    As National Guard members and reservists make their final preparations to fight the war in Iraq, a lawsuit by a Navy reservist is focusing attention on the rights of workers who are called up when it comes to their full-time jobs.

    Reservist Erik Balodis of Tucson filed a lawsuit claiming he was fired illegally from auto parts retailer Pep Boys in June because his military commitments were keeping him away from work.

    Balodis, 36, claims the firing forced his family of four into bankruptcy and to sell their home.

    Philadelphia-based Pep Boys denies the allegations.

    The lawsuit claims that for months, Pep Boys made repeated requests to the Navy to have Balodis exempted from serving and put pressure on the former district store manager to choose between work and his reserve duties.

    The company, where Balodis worked for eight years, wrote a letter on Sept. 11, 2001, to Navy officials, requesting Balodis not be called up.

    After attending a regular drill exercise on June 27, a commitment Pep Boys unsuccessfully appealed, Balodis was fired."

    E-mail "news" tends to get distorted and often downright libelous. Pep Boys has been accused in one chain letter of systematically firing their employees who are called up. That assertion appears to be grossly exaggerated. However, I'm certainly interested in hearing the results of this lawsuit. Based on the contents of the article at the site above, it seems to have merit.

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