How The Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated The GOP

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    (If you're thinking the Democrats, for once, dodged the bullet on this one, you're wrong, they're worse. The president is at least a closet Muslim, Hillary Clinton's executive assistant Huma Abedin, Anthony Wiener's wife, is the child of two prominent members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Long read, very informative, if your hair is not curly when you begin to read, it will be tightly knotted by the end. Is Newt free of any entanglements?)

    "The fundamental proposition that I guess I think really sets the scene for everything else I’m going to tell you about, and that you must have clearly in your heads if you want to understand both the sort of micro problem that I want to talk to you about and the macro problem, is Sharia. And one of the books that will be on offer tonight is one that Andy was helpful, enormously helpful in coauthoring, along myself and 17 other folks who’ve spent a good bit of their lives on national security issues, one fashion or another.

    Several of them are very prominent, like Andy, Jim Woolsey​, former Director of Central Intelligence​; Jerry Boykin​, three-star general, retired former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence; Lt. General Ed Soyster, retired former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency — and a number of other lesser lights — but people who have thought seriously about this problem and come to the conclusion that whatever the true Islam is, there is only one Sharia. And Sharia is absolutely, unalterably hostile to everything we hold dear.

    And those who are seeking to impose it on others — which is, by the way, one of the obligations under Sharia — are our enemies, and will not be dissuaded from doing so by our efforts to accommodate them, appease them, or otherwise try to appear more submissive, which is — no matter what we justify it as or think of it as — how they see it. We call it political correctness — fine. We call it tolerance — fine. We call it diversity, or sensitivity — fine, fine. They call it submission

    And under the doctrine of Sharia, they are obliged to double down. Because according to Sharia, according to the Koran — the foundational document of this whole thing — making them feel subdued is the whole point of the exercise. A political, military, intelligence, legal doctrine — yes, with a patina of religion to it — but fundamentally, it is about power, not about faith. And if you can sort of get your head around that basic concept, then it flows from it fairly easily that the purpose that jihad serves in promoting Sharia, in compelling others to be submissive to it, is central to that doctrine.

    The key point — and again, both Andy and Robert have done incalculably important work in helping to make this as accessible to the rest of us as possible — is that this is a very practical program. Drawing as it all does from the perfect Muslim’s model, namely Mohammad’s, it’s all about violence, if that’ll be effective. And generally, it is. Terrifying violence generally produces the desired results.

    Unless you’re dealing with adversaries who happen to be stronger than you are, in which case it may be actually counterproductive. Which is where the stealth jihad comes in. If you are a Sharia-adherent Muslim, you are still obliged to engage in jihad, even if it might be hazardous to your health — not just to be a shahid, but just even trying to support jihad in the violent sense

    You have two responsibilities in that circumstance. One is to engage in this stealthy kind of jihad, as Mohammed himself did — to work towards achieving the same ends, the same ends, of the triumph of Sharia and, ideally, the governance of a caliph who will rule in accordance to it worldwide, through stealthy means, through what are sometimes called nonviolent means, but that are really, practically speaking, pre-violent.

    Because in the end, once you’ve changed the correlation of forces — to use an old Soviet metaphor — once you’ve achieved enough power that you can use violence, well, Mohammed’s example was you’re supposed to do that, go back to that. Use the violent. Because it will effectively make them feel subdued, and hopefully keep them subdued. Okay?"

    How the Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrated the GOP | FrontPage Magazine

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