How Socialist Economies Fail(?) (An Ivy League Degree Helps!)

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    Along with Middle Eastern economies, without exception, the former Soviet Bloc was famous for fixed percentage pay boosts for all of labor, even every so often. On this basis, the militaries of the The West invented, "Mutually Assured Destruction," as though it might be necessary, after all.

    It was a ruse. What actually happened was somewhat like as follows:

    "'Trickle Down' was even used before Reagan: To describe the (Western), GOP general approach to the economy. Union leaders used it a lot.

    The basis idea is to allow the rich (aka the state bureaucracy), to keep the money, which they invest, (aka force-feed the money), which is used to finance the creation of the means of production, and even goods and services themselves. The practice is to, (get the rich, controlling, Communist Party members to approve the expenditures), buy the shares and corporate bonds, (reward the Communist Party)--from the astronomically paid, commissioned, financial houses, (aka state-run financing). The shares that are purchased, (aka the investments that are approved), create financing for the astronomically paid Controllers, and astronomically paid managers, and to pay the dividends, to the astronomically rich investors, (aka, reward the Communist Party members). In the process, procurements happen from companies with astronomically paid managers and controllers, (aka Communist Party members), who in turn pay astronomically rich investors, (aka, Communist Party Members). In the process, that even happens, again and again.

    In there, an occasional dollar "trickles down," after taxes. (And in practice, usually shortages of goods and services just somehow managed to happen.)

    Anyone has seen this in practice in recent months--minus the federal, state, and local taxes. Hence, 'The Stimulus and Deficits!'"

    Anyone can notice that this resembles a previous post.

    The Soviet Bloc was also famous for the Communist Party's famous Homeland Security program: called the KGB. They too, had to be paid, equipped, and monitored. Then there was the need for a Revolutionary Level military: In the event of international, imperial terrorist attacks.

    It turns out that the whole thing was a scam after all. Anyone knows that there were, in fact, the usual Civil Rights and Constitutional Guarantees of liberty and justice for all.

    Finally, Gorbachev was led to understand that, "It's the Economy, Stupid!"

    And so the Communist Party went out of business, along with the entire Soviet Bloc.

    In America, the Centrists would go on to try and balance the U. S. Federal Budget.

    As events unfolded, clearly, the Ivy League had something else in mind, entirely(?).

    We got not just one First African American President in U. S. History: But maybe three. The basic concept is, "20% Afrikaner, 80% not too up on things!"

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Understanding How Civilizations Try To Work! Some would even say that there is a certain, "System," to it!)
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