How My Cat Sees The World

Discussion in 'Pets' started by Madeline, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Cleveland. Feel mah pain.
    This is one animated, happy little beastie I have here. My word! Bossy, too. Here are a few kittay rules she'd like us all to follow......

    * Everything I own should be kept on the floor. Things on shelves are fun to shove off. Shelves are for climbing, sleeping and using to get to the next shelf.

    * Food is hers, unless she decides she doesn't like it -- and she has a passion for lemon meringe pie.

    * Water is better in the bathub than her water dish. In fact, the bathtub is the funnest place in the whole house, and using it to shower is selfish and wrong.

    * Playing "let's trip the big person" is a fun game.

    * No one should ever pee alone.

    * Toes are targets -- chewing on them doesn't count.

    * Imma blanket/bed hog. This 2 lb beastie has me sleeping on an edge of the bed, freezing, because "she needs her space".

    I adore the new kittay and have decided to keep her shelter name, Bella.
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