How Democrats Are Explaining Pace Of Great Socialist Recovery--No Public Works!

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    The "Reagan Trajectory," famously left younger workers behind--in the case of Black youth gang members, even six feet under. Music writers and Music Video-Makers loved that part best, and profiteered: Like all Black Comedians and Entertainers, without exception. The fans and supporters liked that kind of culture best! Bill Cosby even profiteered with a doctoral degree: In education(?)!

    Bill Clinton, however, would eventually go on to his personal fame certain: As the First African American President In all of History! In 1993, The Clinton Stimulus actually promised public works spending, and in the construction trades. There was $15.0 bil. of $30.0 bil. so proposed. In 2007-2010 time-frame, in fact, every advanced civilization on the planet adopted that course, except for this one.

    The Democrats have now managed to try to make the Clinton legacy more permanent, and solidly-based. Finaly Obama is now putting out that there wasn't that much "shovel" in the. . . ."Ready Projects," after all!

    Obama Overpromised and Undelivered on 'Shovel Ready' Projects -

    The Ivy League largesse had its target certain: Mainly people like you find in the Ivy League! Even Reverend Jeremiah Wright seems to understand this best--remaking about all the Jews in the advisory positionsk at the White House. Anyone notices, however, that there are even others, and one even apparently OK with the beer, and with the white man with the colored parent, in the Oval Office--the one that Biden knows. Only $47.0 bil. of $800.00 bil. was targeted for Public Works spending.

    Just which half was responsible for the usual Ivy League under-delivery is not being mentioned. What is being mentioned is that the inability of the Stimulus-to engage the laid-off--from the Laissez-Faire slaughter of the construction trades jobs--has its basis in the New-Deal-unlike, as in not-at-all-like-the-New-Deal: Lack of Public Works, jobs-creating stimulus.

    Anyone might guess that Gerald Ford was back sending out the $50.00 rebate checks instead. That was nearly 40 years ago.

    So Now for post-2012, the need to create apprenticeships, trade skills, and Contractor-engaging kinds of skills will be up to the Democrats to call for. The Republicans in office so far this year are not. The Republicans in office so far this year are actually calling for curtailment of federal spending.

    Moody's even knows that taking away the $1.0 of federal spending, shrinks GDP $1.40. A robust GDP is not what The Republicans now intend, going forward, forever!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Laissez-Faire unregulated make many houses, for many paupers: Now better regarded the Schvartz of a Nation, not at work on the planet! "Freedom" apprently is thought to do this to people(?)--at the Party of Abraham Lincoln! Lincoln could say. . .They are "free," now. . .To labor for a living wage, only, "When allowed!" Can't Get More Free than that(?)! No bills to pay, at all, and with a beautiful, castle to boot(?)!)

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