How about adding a "Get Serious" button to our feedback options?

Discussion in 'Announcements and Feedback' started by monkrules, Dec 15, 2017.

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    How about my proposals? Neither one is a neg rep...

    #1 Nothing But A Good Time

    #2 It Snows In Hell

    ...As a matter of fact the second one allows me to agree with another poster I really don't want to agree with.


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    With the new software each member gets to add just one rating to a post. As it is right now, the ratings are recorded and counted, then displayed in the post, and under the avatar of the member recieving the rating.

    Maybe there is a way to implement a “Get Serious” rating button.

    What if the software can be tweaked just a bit. What if it is possible to add a “Get Serious” button that would simply add its rating to the post so that it is visible and counted as other ratings are, but ONLY under the post to which the rating was applied? That would be the only place the GS rating would show a total of the number of times the post was rated.

    In other words, keep it from going any further: don’t total or record the GS ratings near the avatar as is done with all the other ratings — and don’t add them to the total number of ratings received by the poster. Simply total the GS ratings IN the post they are meant to rate.

    If this could be done, each member could still only apply one GS rating per post, so there would be no way to ‘pile on’ perceived enemies. Yet the new readers to that thread and post would still be able to see instantly, that other members had concerns about that particular post. They would see that four people had rated the post as “Get Serious”, for instance. And the poster of a questionable message could also see that some other members were not too happy with the content of his "too hateful post", for example.

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