HooRay For Hollywood! (&!#!!! Elton John For Arizona!)

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    Anyone left to wonder--just who will be at work at the Hair Styling Shops of Sedona, AZ--just got a new-fashion Hollywood dialogue to the rescue: From no one less than Elton John!

    Elton John rips Arizona boycotters - MSN Music News

    Soon anyone can easily expect a more audible, Catholic response: As is becoming more usual and fashionable(?)! Actually, however, Jews aren't even involved(?)!

    The issue now goes to the concept: So just who in *!@@%%$$*&&-land will clean these places!? It is not clear whether or not Mrs. Senator McCain's has tried to volunteer! The landlords, at least, now hope that at least someone will be left to pay some rent. The shopkeepers, at least, now hope that at least someone will buy something. The Schools are back to English-Only, hoping that some Asians, or some Navajo, will show up. Mainly, the Chamber of Commerce chapters are now left to decide whether or not to leave.

    Business being business: It could become a Democratic Party year, all around the nation! Anyone notices that Wall Street, at least, is in a recovery mode! Some jobs are just going begging, in America!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Gaming Houses now of many nations: Now safe for many squaws--liberated from the daily toil, just like they are in Hollywood!)
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