Hey Obots: How Do You Like Obama's Higher Taxes on The Middle Class???

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    Hey Obots: How Do You Like Obama's Higher Taxes on The Middle Class???​

    By MOTUS

    Ouch! Nothing hurts quite as much as kicking yourself in the shin. It looks like low information voters across America are waking up from the personality party they’ve been at for the past few years to discover that not only do their shiny Obama-bucks not go as far as they use to, butt now they’re taking fewer of those bucks home. Man, who could have seen that coming? I mean, shoot(am I still allowed to say that?), read Big Guy’s lips. He promised, remember?(snip)READ MY LIPS: NO MORE TAXES! And yet people across the country – not just wealthy Republicans – are waking up this month to lower paychecks due to those pesky payroll tax increases.


    Nevertheless, it’s always sad when people’s illusions are shattered. Which reminds me, I made sure Lady M was safely ensconced back in the Big White before I hit the road. As you can see, I really do need that upgrade for my imaging systems....

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8erePM8V5U&feature=player_embedded]President Obama's Pledge Never to Raise Taxes on Anyone Making Less Than $250,000 a Year - YouTube[/ame]​

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