Here’s what Chief Saunders should do with the 3 cops acquitted of sex assault

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    These dirty animals can probably find a job working with the RCMP. They should be relieved of duty in Toronto.

    Here’s what Chief Saunders should do with the 3 cops acquitted of sex assault: DiManno | Toronto Star

    Liars. Sots. Creeps.

    Swinging dicks who took free drinks and free food — comped to the badge.

    Palsy-walsy with strip club bouncers and barkeeps.

    Puking in the bathroom, on the street, in a hotel lobby.

    A disgrace to the uniform they weren’t wearing.

    Oh, but not rapists. Acquitted of sexual assault, the lot of them, because guilt was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    They. Must. Go.

    Leslie Nyznik, Sameer Kara, Joshua Cabero: Police officers who can never again possibly be trusted to do a job that demands integrity and reputability and basic decency.

    How can they possibly work alongside female colleagues after the brass-balls hokum they pulled on a waitress at the Brass Rail, pretending to be with a porno film crew from Miami? How can they possibly respond to potential vice crimes when their own off-duty behaviour was so execrable? How can they possibly investigate a sex assault complaint?

    Hey, now that we’re done with this broad — the parking officer colleague who testified she hadn’t consented to sex with them in a hotel room in the early morning hours of Jan. 17, 2015 — should we call a hooker?

    No, they’re not rapists. Criminal trials demand a high standard of proof. But they are reprehensible human beings who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a vulnerable, traumatized victim — regardless of the offence committed — or exercise their deeply flawed judgment at a crime scene.

    I wouldn’t trust them as far I could throw them. Which is what Police Chief Mark Saunders should do — throw them off the force. Or go down trying, amidst a group of defence lawyers who make a specialized well-heeled career out of springing bad cops.

    It is unclear what Saunders will do with these pathetic little men, only one of whom — Nyznik — took the stand at trial, point-cop just as he was on Rookie Buy Night. And isn’t that a fine tradition, introducing the newbie to perks of the law enforcement trade, like bar managers who will offer up a drink even though the joint isn’t open and access to the special-special vodka fridge elite level of service. This week Saunders called for an immediate end to such events.

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