heehee... Massive Wind Farm Planned for Capitol

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    200 giant turbines will dot the landscape surrounding the U.S. capitol dome. Some will stand more than 300 feet in height.

    The new wind farm is expected to generate enough electricity from rising hot air and methane to power more than 90-thousand homes. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) alone is expected to emit enough gaseous matter to power over 5,000 homes.

    The project is headed by Greenlight Energy Inc. of Charlottesville, Virginia.

    "The emissions from Congress have been an overlooked resource for too long,” said Gus Philmore, spokesman for Greenlight. :laugh: :laugh:

    Although some regard the pending energy project as a potential embarrassment, the recent surge in gasoline prices finally prompted Congress to give the go-ahead. “We tried to get drilling in Alaska authorized, but that was blocked by environmental knuckleheads,” said Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska). “This is the best we could do given the current make up of the Senate.”

    Construction of the wind farm is slated to begin in 2006.

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