Have you ever sent an e-mail to yourself saying your boss told you to obey the law?

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    If so, why?

    A paper trail?

    The Susan Rice e-mail to herself 15 minutes before Trump took the oath of office is suspicious AS FUUUUUUUK....

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    Susan Rice's Inauguration Day email raises new questions for Comey
    Fox News-5 hours ago
    A newly released Inauguration Day email in which Obama national security adviser Susan Rice detailed a meeting with the outgoing president, James Comey and others is raising new questions for the former FBI boss, considering he never mentioned such a sit-down in Senate testimony last June.
    Republicans set their sights on a familiar target as they investigate ...
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    Senate Republicans examining the curious email Susan Rice sent ...
    Highly Cited-Washington Examiner-Feb 12, 2018
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