"Hang The Ho'" As Nobel Global Economic Cooperation

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    The Nobel shared prize for economics not only went to a woman, and not only to someone outside the field of economics: But to a fish-monger-not, who "studied" it all(?)! I myself have the same first and last name as one of her doctoral students of years ago, except for the middle name. Indiana University itself was not inclined to regard arithmetic--even then--as having anything to do with economics: In matters of law, distribution, or "cooperation." The place was for them, and for them alone: Just like, "cooperation."

    Actually, economies are set up so that in fact the big fish, live off the little fish(?)! This is actually in the law that pays the doctoral female, all of the money(?). Even the Ivy League, in the West Wing--regardless of gender--understands this. At Nobel-land, it is crudely pointed out that "management" is somehow involved in any "cooperation" of resource aggregation, exploitation, and downright waste of whatever is left--such that equity in distribution, and Widespread Wealth Worldwide: Are not created, not concluded! The Oslo Liberals also think that arithmetic has nothing to do with it, just like in the Old Soviet Bloc. So they think that the crazy woman has it right: That really there is cooperation, in the sea, and in the air, and on land(?)--kind of like WWII(?). This is wonderful, and worth a prize.

    An income scale, multiplied by a constant percentage, like a variable of "science," getting manipulated: Creates collapse. There are clear policy examples. Consequent Reagan Trajectory I, of Reagan-Bush--creating little youth gang "co-ops," in execution of policy intended to kill them off--is what that Nobel "cooperation, can be said to be about. In Reagan Trajectory II, of Bush-Bush, the nappy headed ho'meowners were unable to pay the mortgages, and so policy execution was the outcome, for certain "perfected" institutions.

    The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer: And in fact it doesn't work. End of Cooperation--except at the "management," social class level. "Cooperation" at the ground, base level, has other names. One name is "exploitation," one name is "corruption," one name is "waste," and the names go on and on. They even filter on up to the management,"cooperation," levels.

    And in fact, the prize is valued at $1.4 mil. It is not about fish-heads in rice buckets at all!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (The Reagan Trajectory III, Stimulus of Obama, and the Bidens, and the nappy-headed flaunters of it all, like the Sharptons--is so far, seemingly, intended for the crazy people, at the schools and universities. The "cooperation" funded is that the people who "cooperate" at these places have no clue--or money! Such cooperation has rarely been since in history, since only about a year ago--if not last Tuesday! Therefore, they get all the money! And that is cooperation!)
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