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Discussion in 'Politics' started by GHook93, Dec 16, 2012.

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    This mass-shooting monster are ALWAYS pathetic cowards. They always take their own lives at the end and ALWAYS pick soft targets! Places where there will be a lot of UNARMED victims! These are soft targets. I mean these pussies are going in police stations and blasting people! They fear their victims shooting back!

    I am not one of those conceal carry supporters. I think that opens a bag of worms, but having people armed at some of these soft targets would be beneficial and long over-due.

    High-schools have security guards. I have them trained and issues side-arms. Allow teachers to be armed also. Have them go through vigorous training, mental health checks and other precautions, etc.

    Things change and we need to recognize that! Look at airports. Ever watch Indiana Jones? He gets right on the plane without going through security. Heck he even brings his gun with him. That changed right? You can't even bring liquids onto a plane.

    The Batman massacre wasn't totally unexpected there had been shootings at movie theaters for years. Soft target issue again.

    Schools should NEVER be soft-targets again. They should NEVER be vulnerable in the way they are!

    Again another example of making a soft target a hard target is liquor stores. No liquor store owner in America isn't going to be packing! They are still targets, but criminals do think twice about going after an establishment that they know might shoot back!
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