Great Socialist Measures Of Central Bank & Democrats Now Boost Small Business Lending

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    The Great Socialist Victories of Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden--All Now Heroes of Our Nation--have created new business confidence despite GOP efforts to cut GDP in half!

    Loans to Small Businesses Emerge for First Time Since Lehman - Businessweek

    Much as QE2 will shart to show-up in impact in the next year, so will the new loans volume to small businesses.

    The GOP is clearly not on board with any of the Socialist Successes. Boehner said, "No!" and from the start. Rep Rand Paul wants to nuke the entire concept and locations of the Federal Reserve.

    The Great Marxist solution of centralized credit has been exploding on its own for years(?), up well over 1.0 tril. on the balance sheets just since 2007.

    The Great Socialist Intervention into the market place saved the Auto Industry jobs, times nine.

    Obama even conceded that only $47.0 bil. of the $800.00 bil. actually went to New Deal types of public works spending--only about 5% of the total can be credited to FDR. Even Clinton knew enough to crank that percentage up to 50% of the stimulus of 1993.

    In contrast, the GOP intends to take $4.0 tril. out of the economy immediately, apparently, before the Old Fat White People, Cavorting About Naked On Other Peoples Yachts--Dumping Substance and Other Teasure Into the Sea--die off. If GOP goes slow, that will be like Obama intends. . . being. . . .well!

    Moody's knows that such a cut would take an accelerating, $6.0 tril. out of GDP, and right away: Like Even CNBC staffers have been touting and hoping for, All year long. It is, of course, not possible to discuss any math on CNBC. In fact, teachers have managed to get the math even out of the economics classrooms--going back 37 years--which was political science, even then(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Easier to find drugs in school, than to find math in economics class!)
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