Great Socialist Employment Victories Good For Women Of Alaska: Who are U. S. Senators

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    The ADP report of private sector employment celebrates the victories of the Great Socialist Stimulus of America! Now in its sixth month of private sector employment increase, the report tends to render the Tea Berserker GOP irrelevant.

    ADP Employment Report

    What both federal legislative chambers passed, the Executive Branch signed into law. Now it is working, and with the poetic justice twist: That the SOB's who caused it all--public payroll techers and bureaucrats and responders--still seem to be the one's taking it all in the shorts.

    The New American Aristocrats--of the Monarchist Model--are actually naked of any pretense at entitlements to their jobs, at all! Next come the pensions!

    403b plans are on the books--as an alternative, likely more tailored to state and local budget, especially in times like these. (This is not the Tea Party, "No Taxation Without Representation," Time! Been there already, in fact, and have already done that!)

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Socialist Intervention Is Mainly Done Where It Is Needed: Everywhere, since Laissez Faire doesn't work!)

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