Great Socialist Interventions For Human Progess Benefit Democrat U. S. A.

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    Current House Speaker Boehner, when the Republicans were given the opportunity to help recover from the Financial Meltdown: Instead famously ranted on and on, "Hell, No!" The Democrats did the Economic "Lubrication," more or less on their own. The more exciting "Stimulus," is to happen after that.

    Socialist China, now great and thriving because of that(?)--Socialism, helped out with the financing. Now in Europe there is further lubrication and stimulus to again jump-start great Socialist-world!

    European Union crisis summit comes up with a deal - Oct. 26, 2011

    Heroes and Heroines(?)--Heronesses--of the Revolution, Obama-Biden-Pelosi-Reid-Bernanke-Geithner: Were finally, and largely, not involved in something. The Republicans had more or less been uninvolved from their start.

    Likely Liberal Interest Group, N.O.W., likes to celebrate the attempted genocide of all adult white males in the United States: 1861-1865. Not too many others got much of a boost from the outcome. Lincoln, in fact, took a bullet to the brain, himself. Lubrication did not happen. Stimulus did not happen.

    Mostly, When Republicans start their clarion hog-call, "laissez-faire:" Just somehow East Africa, and also Haiti, immediately spring to the rational adult mentality. It even actually does that, while there is still time: In "politcally correct," if historically inaccurate: USA at this time.

    Socialist intervention is set once gain to global salvation, in econmics, planet-wide--with the notable exceptions.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many cry "Freedom" at hands of one-armed bandits, now: On Lands of Many Nations!)

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