Great Socialist China Economy Ahead! US Balanced Budgets Lose 0.5 Mil. Jobs!

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    George Bush II, Terms I & II, famously recited his own understanding of the role of government in economic downturns, essentially, "Bail, Baby! Bail!"

    The United States Balanced Budgeteers in the state and local government sectors have actually not been on board with the need for a full-steam ahead, economic recovery. 500,000 of those jobs are now gone. Nearly 10% of that was last month, alone.

    Labor market in full retreat

    Despite the natural disaster hits to the current recovery of the last six months--with a typical Republican FEMA kind of response, no help for U. S. nationals at all: Trade and Manufacturing barely added jobs, just last month alone.

    The Republicans destroyed the housing market in the Bush II, Terms I & II period, with the support of the banks--or maybe the other way around.

    So for now, government and construction--which generally spur recoveries--are moribund and still headed. . .more into the Spirit of Abraham Lincoln.

    Great Socialist China, in comparison, is having trouble containing its own economic expansion and exuberance, so as not to betray its peoples. The U. S., in comparison, is treating its young and diversified peoples: In the Manner of decimating the usual suspects. Initially, a long time ago, even Old Joe Kennedy could be on board with that. This time around, the Kennedys gave the world the Ivy League of the Obamas--looking for ways to slow down any further spending.

    Take Away The Spending, and housing demand and prices can even drop further!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Lands Of Many Nations now not like unregulated market economies of Haite and Drought-Stricken, East Africa in starvation mode. Party of Abraham Lincoln maybe send in Herbert Hoover Brigade, to burn the crops and spill all the milk ifor the childen into the streets--leaving no orphans behind!)
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