Government Spending & Budgets

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    Americans continue to grow leery of a government that’s only real solution to solving a problem is to throw more taxpayer money at it. Frankly, this approach needs to stop. When American families face financial uncertainty, they sit around the kitchen table and scrutinize every bill and receipt – they make tough decisions about their budgets. They make a list of what they CAN and what they CANNOT afford. It’s about time our government did the same.

    As your congressman, I will fight to prioritize spending based on our nation’s needs and not its wants. We need a military that is able to protect its citizens. We need a border that is secure. We need an education system that is focused on developing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs that will keep our nation competitive in a global economy. We need to keep our streets safe from criminals and thugs. And we need to get Americans working again.

    Surprisingly enough, there are many in Washington D.C. who vote for the status quo when it comes to irresponsible spending habits. They support a budget that is unbalanced and has built in annual increases. They support a tax code that is cumbersome and outdated. They support a healthcare system that weighs down every sector of our economy with uncertainty and rising costs.

    In difficult times we need to put a stop to the status quo; it’s our needs that must come first.

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