Government is the "guilty accomplice" of Sandy Hook killer

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    Government is the "guilty accomplice" of Sandy Hook killer

    By: Doug Book

    Strange, isn’t it, that cowardly mass killers never seem to ply their trade at pistol ranges or shooting events throughout the nation. No, they inevitably choose government-mandated “gun free zones” in which no prospective victim has the means to defend either himself or anyone in his charge.

    After the murders at Sandy Hook, gun grabbers are out in force demanding something at last be done about the “all-too-easy” accessibility of firearms. The NY Times points out Barack Obama “wiped the corner of his eye” during an address to the American public. We’re supposed to believe it was the cruel murder of these children which caused a purportedly emotional response in the president. More likely it was unbounded joy at the opportunity this tragedy provides in the left’s ongoing battle against the right of self-defense.

    After all, are we to believe this lifelong supporter of infanticide gives a damn about the death of a few children who had simply escaped an earlier fate at the hands of Planned Parenthood? Does anyone remember the image of Bill Clinton suddenly beginning to weep at the funeral of Ron Brown after being unexpectedly caught laughing on camera at a joke someone had told him?


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