GOP Wall Street On Unemployment Claims! (Z'Var Ist Over?!)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mascale, Aug 20, 2010.

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    "I'm puttin' on my top hat, tyin up my white tie, brushin off my tails. . . .I'm dudin up my front shirt, puttin in the shirt studs, polishin' my nails!"

    The Ivy League Dress Code for the MMM-Bah, (MBA), among us aside, Anyone has to guess (1), that the Stock Market investors are unaware of the winding down of the occupation of Iraq, or (2), that they are at least ,not too very happy about it.

    Some things about the Aug. 19 rise in unemployment claims are likely behind the report.

    Unemployment Claims Rise as Troops Return from Iraq

    As anyone can see in the opening, the MMM-Bah, (MBA), among us are clearly wiser, smarter, and more nifty of formal attire than are others. Clearly, there were no bottoms to drop down to. MMM-bah, (MBA), at ritual events, are. . . .well.

    Los Angeles Times is widely unreported to have shown that the Great Socialist Victories in China have come about in part due to natural disasters. Becoming Number 2 had its price, requiring a planned and coordinated response to unplanned events.

    In The Colonies, in contrast, the winding down of the occupation of the ungrateful--yet to settle on even how to live, much less plan for it--was in fact an apparently widely misunderstood, but clearly planned event. Coming out of a Bogus Administration, clearly there was no seasonal adjustment made for it.

    Wall Street MMM-Bah. . . .may have taken the famous liberal, GOP tack: That Whiteness itself actually evolves like a swoon, over the generations of time. The MMM-Bah, (MBA), in fact: May still be at. . . .Doo Dah, doo, Dah! Conservatives tend toward the Theory of Scientific Whiteness, instead: Intelligent Design, if at the schools of the MMM-Bah.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Famously, on the West Coast, the children can pack the 357 reasons to be taken, in stride, at the more fashionable gatherings. Just possibly the MMM-Bah, (MBA), would consider the important nuance of the high-fashion Baretta. . . .usually itself, however, concealed!)

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