New Unemployment Claims at 351,000 Socialist Growth Level--GOP Opposed!

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    The Great Socialist and New Deal concept of unemployment insurance--Reagan embraced, having been a New Deal Democrat--provides an indicator of growth versus economic deterioration. It is now in the job-growth mode for most of the current year.

    ETA Press Release: Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report

    Unemployment insurance was a part of the Great Lubrication of Obama-Biden, and from the start. Extra pay was also provided through the refundable tax credits, a concept now Santorum-supported as an alternative to the insurance cost-control that will commence under the Affordable Health Care Act. Mostly GOP was opposed, and eventually took the refundable tax credit away, and opposed even Cash-for-Clunkers, which Cash-for-Meds now replaces--as a solution, forever.

    Inflation gone mad is more what the Tea Party-Santorum-Ginrich minority have in mind. Romney will likely be on board, soon enough. Cantor famously opposed the Obama-Biden stimulations, subsequent the natural disasters.

    Republicans all generally said, "Hell, No!" to the increasing pace of the recovery, instead instructing state and local governments to create a depression in state and local employment.

    "No More Spending," and "Cut Spending" are in the GOP front-runner campaign agendas: Now that the "Pump and Dump" phase is over. Roemney will come on board, soon enough, claiming that in his own experience: And economy flush with spending power is wrong for America! There are so many inedible peaches that can be dumped on the poor, that rich cult members can prosper from all the charitable deductions!

    Rich Conservative Baptists and Jews will likely even be expected to put in for a "Cult-Member De-programming Contribution Deduction(?)!

    Tax policy tends to promote the economic preferences needed in the economy!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Tea Party showing that Wonderland Fairy Tales not good replacement for arithmetic in reasoning, after all. Lands of Many Nations now know difference between a seven, and an eleven, and even a 2 and a 3!)
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